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pandamiglio said: Is there an online version of your 2005 interview of David Rakoff, and, if so, could you post a link? 

Jul 24

“The reason I love Martha Stewart is because she preaches competence over purchase. She teaches people to make stuff, not to buy stuff. It’s that principle I enjoy.” — Author David Rakoff, from our 2005 interview


“I never approach a story with ‘How can I make this weighty?’ The task at hand is always ‘How can I write as much as possible, as many words of notes in my notebook as possible?’ Then I sit at my keyboard and expand on them. The physical act of scribbling will lead me to think of other associative things. It keeps your body still. It keeps you invisible. It keeps things happening around you without you interfering with them.” — Author David Rakoff on his journalistic process, from our 2005 interview

Sep 03

Stop Podcasting Yourself 233 - Jane Stanton

Jane Stanton returns to talk about Europe, Risky Business, and bidets.

Download episode 233 here. (right-click)

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Throwing Shade #44 - Victoria Jackson, Pussy Riot, FYF and Russian Delis

Bryan and Erin give up BBQ’s, hand gliding, water collecting and fun in the sun to make sure shaders get their shade on Victoria Jackson’s stance on gays, Pussy Riot, FYF (Fuck Yeah Festival) and Russian delis. Tell it to my heart.

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My Brother, My Brother and Me 118: Celebrity Dream Date

Just … just don’t eat while listening to this episode. Please?

Suggested talking points: God Loves Pogs, Good Good Washer Boy, Exclusive Sneak Peek: How I Met Your Mother Finale, Wall Decor, Dyspepsia, Justin’s Ghost Tours, Kafkaesqueread more

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 239: Hobos’ Getaway with Robin Thede

Robin Thede joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of grocery store express lanes, pranking Clint Eastwood, bachelor party planning, and scary children’s movies of the 80’ more

Meet Tom Allen and Holly Walsh: Team UK for this month’s episode of International Waters

By Chris Bowman

In a continuing effort to initiate the uninitiated, we bring you a brief conversation with the UK side of this month’s installment of International Waters. Holly Walsh may be best known as the comedian who broke her elbow on a very public stage. Or possibly for her Edinburgh Fringe Best Newcomer nominated show Hollycopter. She’s appeared on many British panel shows including the pop music quiz show Nevermind the Buzzcocks and 8 Out of 10 Cats. Tom Allen is a Fringe festival veteran. After six consecutive appearances, he decided to sit it out this year. He’s a regular cast member on the BBC Radio Four show Bleak Expectations. He also writes and presents the show Dictionary Corner.

There’s a disturbing trend with the comedians who have been on this show. They are all exceedingly nice. Which begs the question: “What do they know that we don’t know?” For now, I think it’s residual Olympic fever.

International Waters: Holly, you are only the second repeat guest to appear on International Waters. Please describe how it feels.

Holly Walsh: Well, I feel like the first time I learned a great deal. Also, I’ve watched a lot of the Olympics, so I’m going to use some sporting phrases. I feel like I did enough in the first to get me through to the second one. But right now, I’m going to dig deep, I’m going to look forward, and I’m just going to do the best I can.

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